What’s the Biodynamy?

There are currently several movements of biodynamic, organic and ecologic agriculture that can be grouped together under the generic term of alternative agriculture.

This alternative agriculture belongs to a vaster ‘environmentalist‘ movement which has been developed due to the realisation of growing number of people of the consequence of our actions on the environment.

« Bio-dynamic agriculture assures the health of the soil and plantlife in order to obtain healthy nutrition for humans and animals. It is based on a deep comprehension of the laws of the « living », acquired through a qualitative-global vision of nature. This approach considers that the nature is no longer able to fight for itself and it is necessary to inject into the soil the necessary fertilisation which is indispensable to the health of plants, animals and humans, thanks to its therapeutic procedures ».

The method of bio-dynamic agriculture focuses on 3 points:

  • The treatment on the soil and plantlife in its natural environment, using vegetable, animal and mineral-based mixtures.
  • The application of theses mixtures and specific times and cycles of the year (this is part of the dynamic process)
  • The working of the soil using ploughing and scraping techniques.

Une réflexion au sujet de « What’s the Biodynamy? »

    […] I came back in Strasbourg, I discovered an new kind of agriculture close to the nature: biodynamic farming. The bases of this method have been given in 1924 by Rudolph Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. […]


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